How do you get over your ex wife?

Not sure if this divorce question goes under break-up but oh well..

We were only married for about a year I moved all the way across the country the day after high school to date and marry her and one day she just broke it off. I didn't notice things were bad we fought a little but who doesn't.. I am the type of guy that would stay unhappy with someone because I don't believe in divorce to solve problems I never wanted it. I just didn't want to fight with her anymore. We have a son together and I don't even get to see him because I live so far away and don't have money to fly there. Any advice?


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  • I'm divorced and even when people don't believe in it, you can't control someone else! I would definitely try to find a way to keep in contact with my child. As far as getting over something like that, it takes time. It was so painful because we had been together 12 years! It took me almost a year and half to go on a date! Just try to keep busy and hang in there!


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