Do I still have a fighting chance?

So I met this girl at this event, and although we only briefly met, I really felt something there. Later that night, I couldn't stop thinking about her and eventually added her on Facebook and we chatted for a few weeks.

Eventually I asked her to go to a party with me and she agreed. We had lots of fun at the party and really connected.

The thing is, the following week, I was so obsessed with her and constantly bombarded her with text messages about completely useless things. Although she responded to them, I felt like I wasn't giving her room to breath anymore. Especially with the way she started to respond to me with, starting to say things like how she is busy and can't chat and stuff.

I realized I was destroying the friendship that we had and so I backed off for about a week. I sent her a random useless message again a week later and she didn't bother responding to it and it's been a day. Does this mean that I have already damaged the friendship too much to even be thinking about a relationship anymore? I really, really like this girl and I don't want to text her again because then I will begin to look desperate. What do I do?


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  • So here's the thing. There is hope depending on if she liked you before you started attacking her with text messages. But If she only thought you were cool to just hang with (friend category) there's probably not a chance.

    But anyways, if she, at one point, was feeling you then wait a couple of weeks and ask her out. Even if you were annoying, she should kiind of miss you and agree to go out. But if she declines, well buddy, keep it moving.


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  • Do you still have a fighting chance? At this point, probably not. I have to give you credit for realizing your mistake -- you were making her feel "smothered" with your constant text messaging. It's hard to come back from that once it happens. My advice is to give it a week; if she hasn't responded to you, try calling her up and asking her out on an actual date (just the two of you). If you're not successful with that approach, she has almost certainly moved on, and so should you.


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