Should I call her, text her, postal mail?

So long story short, this girl and I have not talked for 1 year. I was in love with her, and she shared the same feelings, but it was a long distance relationship, and eventually it went south, and we stopped talking, was her choice. It has been a year and I really need to talk to her one more time since she cut off communications with me with out giving me a reason why she did so. I really need to talk to her just so I can move on, since I been holding onto it for a year now, and think about her daily, its eating me up inside. I don't know if she has blocked my phone number, but I don't think she has, but I feel like writing her a letter and mailing it to her to explain some things. Any suggestions.

I am doing this to move on, so if you just tell me to move on and forget her, it has not worked.


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  • My sympathies, sincerely. Gone through and still going through same thing. Tho I'm probably at the tail end of it now. I still think about him daily also. And shed tears when I think of how great we connected and how cool we were together.

    Anyway about you, I honestly think it really will help you get closure and move on. I think it's the right thing to do. When things are left so unfinished and so open like that you really do need to just proverbially shake their hand and say all is forgotten and lets end things well and wish each other well. This is so important. And if this has not happened, when there has been something special, it can tear you apart, and haunt you when you meet other people and attempt other relationships in vain. You put yourself into someone else convincing yourself if you March on you will eventually forget person A when in fact all you are reminded of is unfinished business and how awful things ended.

    Dont mean to waffle on but you have hit a bit of a nerve with me. I know its the right thing to do but the guy in my case left me no options cos he left things so badly with us.

    I think if you have the right mindset, then a letter or such the like saying what I've stated above is perfect. and hopefully they will reply in a calmer mindset than previously and wish you well also. I think this will help you forget and move on to the next person.

    How can you move out of a house when it has been left in tatters, clean up the mess before you leave that's what I say, Good luck my friend.

    • Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to hear, for I feel that will help me out so much to talk with her, for yes I have gone on dates and such, but they are all in vain.

    • I hope you guys get to talk things out

    • I texted her about 6 hours ago with a heart felt message, and no reply yet. I think next step is give it a few days and try to call her.

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  • I honestly wouldn't try making any communication cause I'll be harder to get over. Hangout with friends, live your life, start talking to a girl in your local area. Hell bro, I know how you feel but the thing is you know for fact there someone else out there that you'll love and share feelings for. Knowing that, don't worry brah.


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