How do you stay on your ex boyfriend's mind?

How do you stay on your ex's mind without chasing him away?

girls, thanks for making me laugh. I really needed that. I just had those feelings and had to get them out. I slept on it and realize he's not worth it and got better things to do.


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  • cut out a picture of your face

    and paste it to his forehead

    he can't run away from you EVER!

    • funny! I seriously almost spit out my diet coke!

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    • I saw my ex boyfriend today and all I could do was laugh. I just imagined him with my picture stuck to his forehead.

      Thanks for making me laugh...again!

    • LOL. excellent :D :D

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  • HOnestly, I could tell you but I don't want to because I don't feel it is right. He is your ex, let him go.

    • true and a month ago I would of agreed with you, things are just different between us now. We don't act like exs we act like two people who have crushs on each other. I want to start anew with him.

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    • we use to be so in love with each other, I'm just afriad that I'm going to lose him forever

    • Okay well I left you my suggestions =)

  • and the church saiddddd AMEN

  • don't do that. it's not worth it. better putting some effort into finding a new guy that actually wants you

  • stalk him. then you'll be on his mind everywhere he goes!

    • nah, I don't have the time nor is her worth it

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