How do I get over her?

She meant so much to my life. I was so inspired by her; I lost a ridiculous amount of weight and she exposed my major issues that were effecting me my entire life. I really don't know what to do, she's on my mind constantly.

And this was nearly 2 years ago. Like wtf?

How do you get over someone that was so damn friggen special? This is really unhealthy for me. It's not like she ever had a damn interest in me.


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  • Time and getting back into dating. Train your mind not to thing of her by intentionally pushing the thought away. U'll get better at it over time. Its hard I know :(

    • Man, I don't know. I've tried but it doesn't ever go way.

      I've always thought that this was suppose to be sorta like fate. That meeting her and having it turn my life around meant something more then just a coincidence. Like the chick has never liked me, doesn't want anything to do with me really... friggen hurts me.

    • How long did you date? Why the breakup?

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  • you just will... time heals all, brother. life moves on.

  • Why she left you?


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  • Dont worry about it?

    Time is always strong you will definitely come out of it. I will pray to God.

    Just try to concentrate on your work and other lovely Girls... lol

    Take good care of urs and be Happy...


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