He mentioned he had a daughter and his ex girlfriend ran off with her.

You see I'm only 22 and my boyfriend is 24.we haven't been together long, but one night he mentioned he had a daughter and his ex ran off with her.I was confused because maybe he told me when I had too much to drink so I didn't know about , as I only heard about it again after relaxing at his place with him and his room mate. Plus he doesn't like talking about it.

I'm still young, and studying at uni, I'm not even fond of children so I'm confused if he does contact her again and gets to be in contact with her...you see, they were engaged, but she ran off with her and his stuff...

He is sweet otherwise, buys me a rose( even though I told him I like Gerberas, but still loved it).I just really hate that he walks off in front of me and makes me rush when I smoke a cig or I'm eating...Also,I think he forgets thing I tell him and talks over me so I can't finish what I said. He does it to other people too which I find strange...the thing is, I'm considering breaking up with him but his previous girlfriend ran out on him taking everything from him. When I told him I wanted some space he cried thinking I wanted to break up with him...I don't know what to do...I also sold him a laptop and he owes me 600$...

I do love him, he is so sweet, he would never cheat on me, tells me I'm beautiful all the time no matter what, he laughs at my jokes, he kisses me for no reason at all and he misses me all the time...

He also told me he once cheated on a girl when he was 22, but he did it because he wasn't happy in the relationship with her...


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  • Time to talk to him. Tell him you like him and want to spend time with him. Then tell him there are a couple of things bothering you -- like him talking over you; you're concerned he doesn't always listen to you; and his past relationships. Tell him you're not complaining but he's making it difficult for you.

  • It wouldn't have been totally weird for him to make up a drunken story like this. I've done so on occasion.

    Assuming it is true though- so what. She's ran off with the kid, it has nothing to do with you.


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