How to leave him alone and get over him?

I really like this guy but at the same time I'm unhappy and I know what I'm going though is unhealthy for me I try to think of all the reasons why I don't need him. I want him so bad and it seems like I'm always the one to have to text or call him. he stuck in his ways and selfish. for some reason I'm really weak when it comes to him and as much as I say I'm not going to text him 2 maybe 3 days pass and there I go again giving in and texting him. I try to hang with friends. staying busy but all I think about is him I want to be strong. I want to let go. any tips


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  • You're just vulnerable and weak right now. It's hard to leave, yet inevitable. I loved my ex very much but he was too self-centered that I had to leave.

    Distract yourself with other things like work, school, sports, activities, friends, etc...

    And remember that he's not the only man on planet Earth. Most probably there are better man out there who will be willing to give you the love that you deserve.


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  • Get rid of any thing that reminds you off him, go out dress up more than usual, talk to other guys when he's around and act indifferent towards him. Stop chasing him stop acting like he can have you there for him whenever he wants make him miss you. Stop giving in to him. Take a road trip/go out of town for a few days, go party, join clubs/organizations at school. Do things that keep you busy and away from him.

  • delete his number and call him names and make him say he never wants to talk to you again, and also tell your friends how much you dislike him. it'll help you to move on


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