Is there a chance for us?

OK I just need some opinions on this situation. This guy ended things with me and wanted to stay friends. I was crushed because what we had meant so much to me and I didn't think it would end anytime soon. Recently I found out from a friend that he ended things with me because he wasn't ready for a relationship. If this is true, do you think there's a chance that something could happen in the future? We don't talk as often as we used to, but he sends me a message about once a week just to see how I am. Should I make more of an effort with him and try speak more often? Or should I just leave it?


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  • Having high hopes might crush you further on. I suggest that you forget about him in the mean time. No one ever knows what could happen tomorrow. Just move on for the time being :)

    • Thats true, you're right. I guess he'll come back if he has feelings again. Thank you:)

    • Exactly :)

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