She still loves me, but her pride keeps her from saying anything?

After a six-month relationship, we recently split (her call). It really seemed to happen at a stressful point in her life. The relationship was moving forward, but a lot of things seemed to pile up on her at once, and she called things off. She felt her schedule wasn't fair to me. However, a few days after, she reached out to me first, admitted she still cared, and we've swapped a few texts. She added me back onto FB after unfriending me the night we broke up and has started "liking" some of my comments again and making occasional comments on my page. Also, she still has several photos related to our relationship there (a picture of the flowers I gave her a few weeks ago, a picture of a love note that I gave her, etc.). Each of these has my name tagged to them, so her friends know who they're from. I send her a text here and there that I'm thinking about her and hoping she's doing well.

Talking about emotions doesn't come easy to her, so I worry that even if she feels something and wants to talk things out, she won't say anything. I'm at least trying to plant seeds out there that I still care without directly saying it.

Are these small attempts at "keeping in contact" on both our parts a good sign that there may still be something there? Should I just try to talk to her?


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  • err this question is tricky, but it sounds like if you guys try hard, you'll make it work!

  • i would. you really have nothing to lose. sounds like a coffee date to catch up is in order


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