Stupid break up/move on/talk? What to do?

We broke up after (2 years) his call. We got into an argument and said we have nothing left to talk about. Of course I tried to make things better but it didn't work. So I haven't heard from him since Saturday night. It hurts we had out entire life planed out together. But am not into waiting for him to call and realize that he made a stupid decision. Of course I miss him but I hide my feelings I don't cry at night or complain or say that I wish he would get over his stupid pride.

What are good/productive things that can take your mind out of things?

Is it wrong that I am mad at him?

I do not want to be the one to ask see how things are with him? But would it be wrong if I did (since he broke up with me)?


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  • sounds like you need to girls night

  • I had a very similar situation happen to me. We didn't get into an argument, but he felt it would be best if we stayed friends because he didn't want anything complicated with exams coming up and stuff. So I was crushed because we had also planned so many things we would do. He was so unaffected by it and didn't contact me either. I'm still trying to move on. I found that doing something you enjoy helps. Like reading, drawing etc. Also spending time with friends and going out, just to have some fun. I don't think its wrong that you're mad at him, he hurt you and left you with all his empty promises. Its natural to be mad, its one of the steps to acceptance. I don't think it would be wrong. Maybe he feels guilty about what happened so he's trying to keep his distance. Maybe if he heard from you he would see that things are OK and it could be a step towrds fixing things between you.


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