How to break up with my boyfriend?

I have to break up with my boyfriend whom I still very much love, but I can not be with him as he has brought too much emotional stress to my life. We live together, and my worst fear of doing this is of that one day I see him with someone else. If I just had no more feelings for him it would be easier, but it's not like do I do this, how do I over come the heartache that this will bring me?


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  • Sounds almost exactly like my ex fiancee's argument when she broke up with me a year ago. If your guy is anything like me, you can rest assured that he'll never date anyone again, because he'll be dead. Unfortunately I failed my overdose attempt last year and I've been under supervision every single day since then. I sound like an ass for saying this, but please, stop thinking about only yourself, and think about him too. What would you do if he shot himself tonight after you leave him? Could you live with THAT?

    • um...he doesn't care about me that much, he emotionally abuses me every day, he hasn't had a full time job in years, he doesn't help me pay the bills and he expects me to just be OK with it. He has snuck around behind my back numerous times, we took a break for one month and 3 days after he was at another women's house..he does not love me as much as I love him, I know its best to leave him...but I do still love him

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  • In that case, just leave him, and get him out of your life. If he treats you so poorly, you don't need someone like that around you. If he doesn't care about you, it should be an easy decision. I agree that it would be hard to see him with somebody else, it ruined me watching my fiancee with other men, so just make sure you don't have to see or hear from him again.


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  • It's extremely hard, yet inevitable, my dear. Life is too short to live unhappily for too long. Do what you have to do and just move on.

    Distract yourself with school, work, sports, friends, etc...

    You will feel better as time goes on :)

    You WILL find a better man who will be willing to give you the love that you deserve.


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