He said we should keep things light?

My ex of 4 months ago, randomly came back in my life about 10 days ago. We had not really spoken much since the breakup. He was angry about the breakup and let me know it. He basically had blown me off for months while we dated, and he was very controlling. I decided to move on and he freaked out. well about 10 days ago he comes to my house out of the blue, then kisses me while he was here. Tells me hw wants to work on things, and that he missed me so much. He then suggested dating etc. I was so overwhelmed and confused. He had spent most of the summer trying to punish me for the breakup. now he loves me an misses me. Well he got angry that I had kissed a guy 3 days before he decides to come back in my life. He chewed me out in front of all of my friends. Later he apologized and said he was in love with me. He does not tell people he loves them, because it scares him. Well after that we agreed to take it slow. So 2 days ago, he said that he loved me but did not want to get too close yet. I said OK, that is your choice, I will respect that. Then the next day he said he changed his mind and he wants to date. then 2 hours later he said we should be friends first, then maybe date. then 2 hours after that said we should keep things light an fun, not too stressful so we want get too attached. I am so confused! Please help me understand how he went from being in love to trying to control every aspect of this. IF he doesn't want anything with me then he needs to tell me! I am a big girl, but I feel like he is playing with my heart and head. Please, any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated. also, I am the only girlfriend that he has dated in 4 years.


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  • First off if he blew you off like that, that's messed up Even if you talk to him I wouldn't get back together with him. That sounds really controlling and he sounds like he's confused and doesn't know what he wants. 4 years is a long time...has he been like that from the start? Because if so then I would leave it alone. And he's really scary by the way to answer your question. Sorry :(

    • thank you:(

    • Your welcome :)

      You shouldn't have to deal with that. You could be treated better than that.

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