Should I break up with my boyfriend? PLEASE HELP!!

I've been dating my boyfriend for about 8 months. He is a student has two children and does not work. We spend every weekend together and for the most part things are great. I have met his family and we talk about a future together . I'm so confused he's pretty affectionate and cooks me dinner on occasion, however whenever we go out I usually pay, I hate staying in all the time so I offer to pay which is Probably my first mistake , I should mention that when he does have money he will pay on occasion for a night out. Other than that I pay, he's also not very sexual. It's a problem that I've confronted him on. We went for about a month and a half without having sex, I confronted him and he's made somewhat of an effort to change that, however its still me that does all the initiating , there's a lot of times that he turns me down and it kinda hurts my feelings. Makes me feel like I'm not good enough. he's not much for compliments and I've told him I love him with never a response in return. The most I've gotten from it was a text that said xoxoxoxo. I asked him if he loved me once and he said yea I do but that was it. Anyways I've been feeling lately like he's only keeping me around Because I loan him money and have a good job. He does photography on the side on occasion to earn money here and there and has the opportunity to go on a photo shoot that's out of town and asked if he could borrow 50 bucks for gas to get there. I told him that if it was out of town then the people should for gas. He said they would but needed the money to get there . At the time I was busy and could not answer and he texted me and said Omg never mind then! He almost acted annoyed. I texted him and told him that It wasn't cool that just because I couldn't answer he was gonna throw a fit about it and good luck trying to round the money up to get there. He said something like he was just playing. I told him that when he acts that way it makes me reevaluate why he's even with me. All he really said was I'm done talking forget about it. It made me feel pretty crappy. It's not the first time he's asked to borrow money and acted a little annoyed when I couldn't . I've also got 3 kids that I need to worry about first and foremost. I'm a very generous person and will help those I care about in whatever way possible but lately I don't know about him. I don't know if I'm expecting too much from him or if I just need to go my own way. Any advice would be great. Thanks


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  • Certainly sounds like a child wanting pocket money... that's low

    • I don't feel a man should ask a women who has children of her own for money..Sounds like you should dump him, you can do better he's just not worth your time..Listen to your gut feeling's and I bet it's telling you to dump him..Good luck

  • Bad sex life? Giving out money to much? Not enough satisfaction? I would seriously talk to him about it before pursing anything to serious.


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