There are so many reasons to break up, to dump, to go away.

There are so many reasons to break up, to dump, to go away. What if you realized that your partner is too weak and doesn't know what to do for living? Like he was always careless, wasted time, money for nothing. And now you both see that it is time to talk about your future. The partner sees you as a wifey, mother of his kids. But you see that he is not even able to make an order in the restaurant. He always relies on you, trust you with everything, but at the same time you personally can't be sure that he can do anything right...


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  • Of course it can.You can't stay with someone who seems have no direction about his life.We need someone dependable as our partner.Both of us need to have this attitude,not only one of us.If you are still not sure about the break up maybe you can give him a chance and see if he has the act to change.


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  • "But you see that he is not even able to make an order in the restaurant."

    You mean he can't even order his own food?

    • Yes! He felt shy, confused or had no idea what he wanted to eat. So even this simple choice was really hard all the time.

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    • I always suggested the best for him, since he couldn't make his choice he had to accept what I suggested. If he didn't like it was it my fault? Why are you so concerned about this fact?:)

    • I guess I'm just struggling to understand that there could be a guy that would be THAT indecisive. :)

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  • I think the best result of this would to be explain to him how you feel, Yes it is a reason to dump someone but maybe he has got too comfortable with you. He needs to realize what he's got to make a change. This could be by taking a break from each other or simply just explaining, It sounds like he treats you right, he just needs a little realisation and maybe absence would make him realise! :)

    • Thanks. I explained him, of course, but still there no change there. And he treats me really badly. It's my fault that I hoped that helping the person that much I was doing a good job. He is 29 and still have not found his own way to live, to make choices and decisions and earn money. Today I just left him with tears on my eyes, can't stand it no more...

    • By 29 he should know all these things, This is a sad time, Yet also a new beginning. Keep strong! :)

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