Heartbreak is a biotch...no one will ever understand?

I just saw the new Rihanna video We found love

…In the beginning the narrator talks about a roller coaster relationship and tough heart break, below is a snip-bit of what she says:

"It's like you're screaming but no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed that someone could that be that important, that without them you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless like nothing can save you. And when it's over and it's gone, you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so you could have the good."

Do you agree with what she is says. That among the painful heartbreak you almost wish you could re-live all the bad things in order to feel the good and still feel connected with that person? I know I reach a low point about 3 years ago with a bad break up and I refused to move on…I claimed I was but deep down the pain in a weird way made me feel connected to them, Like it was the last piece I could hold onto that bonded us together. One final string that I refused to cut. No matter how toxic and sickening that was I realized I wasted my time…have any of you felt this way or still are going through this? Vent to me! Let it out and let me know your experiences with your toxic love…..and how long did I take you to move on?

For me it was 3 years. We dated for 5 and he continued to keep in touch until finally I had to cut all strings and move on. HARD AS HECK but 2 months later I found my boyfriend and fell madly in love with him..he wasn’t a rebound I was completely emotionally available ?


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  • A part of me wishes I could be invisible to her if only I could see her or hear her voice again. Almost every night I hear her songs she wrote about relationships gone by and I wish more than anything I could tell her I would be the one to never let her go or treat her badly. I can't sleep when I think of her, because I keep holding on to the memories that I recorded in my mind and play them back all the time. I still see her smile in the tinted shadow of those street lights as we talked till 5 in the morning.

    I would give anything to have her back, all the money, health, future to be held by her again because it was the only time since I met her I felt whole again. I would gladly listen to her be mad at me if it was the only way I could hear her or see her...but I would never do anything to make her upset. I once told her that many men's goals are to find a woman to marry and then never treat her as special as they once did...I said I would never make it my goal to tie her down in some legalities, paperwork, and a fancy wedding...all I wanted to do with my life was see her smile and know that I was the source of that joy in her life...like the joy she provided in my life. I wish all the time I could tell her these things and she would understand that what I say is true - but I don't think she would give me a chance...and I die a little.

    Yeah...I know how it feels...

    • WOW! I know what you mean...when you end a relationship you play back your time together the good the bad the nasty ugly. IT's tough granted and feels hopless to moveon from it but you can...little by little. Impossible to hear right now but it will happen. My depression was great and it lasted for 6 months...

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    • I'm glad you think it'll get better...I have never had it this hard before. I hope it gets better because it feels like being "haunted" all the time (bad connotation but you know what I mean). I thought of taking lots of sleep aid so I could stay asleep and wish it all away or that she would come around eventually.

      I just wish she knew how much I felt and felt the same way too...

    • Numbing yourself is not going to work. It willstill be there when you come back to. I'm sure she knows how you feel and maybe that's why she hasn't returned. She knows she can have you at any time she wants and for that some people think "Eh..whatever I can come and go as I please and he won't go anywhere". That can be a turnoff for some. Try finding others to date and keep yourself busy...Break ups are like a death. You mourn but you eventually move on,and you have to do that...put it behind you

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  • Yes, I felt that way only a few months ago. Logically, I knew I shouldn't miss him and care about him, and that after how he treated me I shouldn't even be sad over it. However, I also couldn't help but think of things when they were good, and that was what made it really difficult because those were the parts of him I missed. Even when I acted okay, I felt horrible and every tiny thing reminded me of him. I just remember doing everything I could think of to make to the heartbreak period go by faster, hanging out with friends, family, even tried talking to another guy or two (but I didn't let that go far because I've never been a rebound person). Eventually it faded, and I reached the point where I didn't miss him anymore and didn't even want him, because it finally set in that I deserved better. However, the lyrics posted would describe exactly how I felt right after the break up. I'd say that's pretty dead on on about real heartbreak.

    • Isnt it? It totally describes how you feel in the beginning due to the desperation that heartbreak creates. It's like a disease that your willing to desperately find the cure for. The pain is unbearable and we will go through any lengths to stop it or make things go back to how they were no matter how bad. GOOD FOR YOU! I'm glad you are able to see the bright side of the break up and learn form it!

  • i think I going through everything you just said I get so mistreated but I rather stay with him than leave him I have two babies with him and we are married and I'm only 21 we have been maried for 2 years now and it seems to be getting worse I mean I feel like I'm a good wife but ill I hear is how I'm doing everything bad and how I don't work I'm always crying and he doesn't seem to be any helpful support I need I mean I want him to be hear for me but I clearly shows me different so I can to my moms house so I can get a breather but he txs me that I'm a liar and that I cheat which I would never do that to him but he doesn't seem to get it I'm good to him and I feel like he's making an excuse out... it hurts so bad I feel I'm depressed because all those promises he made to me when we got married were just a lie

    • Have you tried counseling? Yes its hard an love can be so addicting but you have to love yourself first in order to have a real meaningful relationship. YOu hve to think about your babies and gain strength from the love you have for them and realize that you don't want that kind of life for them. Like I said its hard but you will get better. with or with out your partner.

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