How do I get over the cheating ex?

Went out with a guy for a little while, we moved into the relationship pretty fast. I felt so strongly about him at first, he told me he loved me, I did the same. We spent a lot of time together, felt comfortable around each other, but we hadn't had sex and he knew I wanted to wait. He told me he didn't mind waiting and he would until I felt completely okay with it. He was always so protective of me and extremely paranoid I was going to cheat on him. He also had lots of ex girlfriends, and I mean LOTS.

Our relationship was going really well, just before I went away for Xmas. When I was away, I heard from him very little, compared to his usual call-three-times-a-day. I got back after only 4 days, and saw him. He wasn't as all over me as he usually would be, and he said a few things that really made me think. One being that he got a new tongue ring and 'it's so much better to kiss with'. Two, he wouldn't let me even touch his phone, stating that he 'never lets anyone look at it or go through it', even though we both knew I had gone through it numerous times before. Three, he had many girls over whilst I was away and sort of avoided the subject when I brought it up. In reply to the tongue ring statement, he denied he said it and changed his words to 'it will be better to kiss with' because I had not kissed him yet.

So, then a few days later, I convince him to come into the city with me and a few friends for New Years Eve. He promised me he would, until the next day he says, yeh I might not be able to go into the city with you tomorrow night, I'm not feeling 100%. By this stage, I knew something was up. I try call him that night, trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do if he didn't come, and he answers none of his phones, states that his phone is 'f***ed', yet his best friend tells me he is able to contact!

He calls me the next morning finally and I first say, where were you when I was trying to call your house phone? He then says 'I wasn't home - I mean, I was sleeping'. Yes to me that sounded a little but sus. Turns out, he was too 'sick' to join me in the city that night. I got angry and accused him that he was going to stay home with the boys and get on every drug possible and get off their heads. He said 'Fuck ya, we're over' and hung up.

That was the end of it...Until that night, New Years Eve in the city, I saw his friend. I ask him 'Please be dead honest with me when I ask you this, but did ****** cheat on me?' The friend nodded.

I burst into tears as his friend tells me the details. He had been dating her for a week before he dumped me, and when he cheated on me for the first time, they had sex, something he knew I was not ready to give him.

It's been three days. I sink deeper into depression when I realise he has not been hurt by our break-up and doesn't care at all about how I feel. No one is allowed to know about him cheating, and he can not know I know, which is so hard.

How do I get over him?
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its been a week and 2 days. I still cry every night, I have gone out with friends every day, and yet I cannot stop talking and thinking about him. Every thought comes back to him, every time I see one of his friends, they remind me of him. Nothing helps
How do I get over the cheating ex?
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