Ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend?

my ex boyfriend whom I still care about and still wish for a second chance with has a new girlfriend and to me it is the end of the world it hurts so much I don't know what to do. and plus his new girlfriend is my friend! she's a ska.nk and now I'm in so much pain. I was betrayed, and I lost hope now. it kills me to see him with a new girl who is my friend I cried so much I skipped class even people who did not know me asked if everything was fine but really I'm in pain why I'm I going through this? I know I'm young but love can hurt anyone at any age I just need someone to talk to it hurts,i really need a shoulder to cry on. I feel so bad that it did not take him long enough to get a girl and me its taking me a long time to find someone I feel so down and I can't concentrate in school anymore. I feel so betrayed I just feel like its the end of the world. I miss him so much. it hurts that he's not by my side anymore, but he's by HER side I can't stop crying its hard for me to let go, I've always been that type of person, its hard for me to let go, it kills me to see he's by her side and no longer on mine, I'm the type who loves being in a relationship and I hope I find someone new .. it kills me to see my ex with my friend


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  • The best remedy for a heartache for me is asking out women who were good to me while I was dating the Medusa. Music, sleep, and driving also helps. Thinking about the one I was bad too also helps me. 100% my fault. I would go through so much pain to have her forgive me. I would do almost anything to see her again.

  • easy peaches, you still have me :)


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