What does it mean when your your ex's friends?

Follow you or spy on you in some type of way. And different friends of his? they don't say anything they just look and spy. One time had my ex best friend followed me around a store.



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  • It means that your ex is not over you yet. He wants to know what you've been up to.

    • But he dumped me? all I can say. I am really annoyed by it...they just need to mine their own business.

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    • He found no other girl who would treat him like you did. So, he turned back to you for an ego boost.

    • He is dating or screwing this one girl...I really don't know if they are in a relationship because his Facebook still saids single and her saids nothing...but I don't know...it just is like dumb...my friend thinks that they are just friends with benefits...

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