How to get over a guy?

I don't date a lot, but I fell really hard for the last guy I was with for almost a year. I still have feelings for him, but he maybe with someone else already. It pretty much crushed me, because I got a very nice text from him early one morning like the ones he always use to send. Then he say sorry that was meant for someone else. He then keeps talking to me and asking how I am. I went along with it, but it hurt really bad for whatever reason. I pretty much hate all men right now and need help getting passed it.


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  • Hey hey hey. Not all men are inconsiderate like that :)

    I'm sorry for what you've been through but things like that happen. You should realize that he's not the one for you and start moving on.

    There's a guy out there who will be willing to give you the love you deserve :)

    • That's sweet of you to say. I've cooled off some and I'm thinking a little clearer. I've had a really bad year and I'm a little over sensitive lately.

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