Break up with boyfriend?

he's a really nice person, but he drinks too damn much...he gets drunk from 2-4 times a week if he can


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  • No, not if it is truly a problem. Just because he gets drunk often doesn't necessarily mean he is an alcoholic. Ask him to slow down the drinking, and try to work with him on the cause of the drinking, seek professional help. Warning: Only do this if you are truly willing to got the distance with this guy and you are strong enough to help him through his issues. I say this as the ex-girlfriend of and addict, and as a substance abuse/mental health counselor. Good luck

    • we have talked about ti and he considers himself an alcoholic but yet he won't do anything about it, and he won't let me help so I just stopped trying...even though how many how times I say I'm done trying, I'm really not...i have faith in him that he can at least slow down on it (baby steps)

    • Well honey, only you will know when you are ready to let go, but honestly it has to be his decision and his actions that stop his drinking issues. If he is unwilling to get help he is not truly ready to stop drinking so much and it will only get worst from here...again prepare yourself if you decide to stay. The road gets real tough from here on out.

    • ok thanks

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  • If you don't like it and he's not willing to change don't hang around.

  • No that's a legit reason


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  • Getting drunk that often certainly isn't productive, but it does not make him an alcoholic. If he is getting drunk for the sole purpose of escaping some emotional and/or physical pain, and his drinking begins to interfere with the rest of his life, then I'd say he's got something to worry about.

    • he gets drunk for dumb reason (celebrating his cousin moving into a new house yea birthdays are normal, and sometimes its just because)

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    • Okay, then if he thinks it's a problem and refuses to seek help, then no, I don't think it's dumb for you to break up with him.

    • ok

  • no, don't break up with him. I too am an alcoholic, I finally screwed up really bad so I started going to meetings and trying to get help. Don't let your boyfriend have to go because he has a bad wake up call. If you break up with him, he's probably just going to end up drinking more.

    • but then again it could give him a reality check to change and make himself a better person a realize he needs change and actually take initiative to do it

    • Thats what it took for me, but it also took away the one person who really believed in me. I'd be sad if you did, but that doesn't really matter.

  • I don't see how that would be dumb?

    • what would you consider it 2 b?

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    • If you feel like that's a bad thing then break up with him.

    • ok I got you

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