What does ex boyfriend want?

please take the moment to read this. really need help, my head is going in circles. but we've only recently broke up, but I'm constantly getting mixed signals. yes I do want him back, but what do you reckon he wants?

just a bit of background info. we broke up because we became too attached and dependant on each other, we started to lack a social life. this as a result of trust issues on my behalf. I am currently working on this and doing well. he says he still wants to be friends and that he cares deeply about me and will always love me. says that he will come back to me if he realizes he made a mistake.

last night at a party is where it got confusing. we didn't speak until the last hour of the night which is when we were together. we were acting normal and speaking as friends and nothing about our relationship came up. he kept pulling me close after a while if I was to step away, and would try and kiss me. he also kept cuddling me outside to keep me warm, and got really defensive when these guys kept looking at me. he told me that I'm still his and my body still is his. and when he found out I was back on the pill, he panicked and was like 'why! are you having sex with anyone else?' .. obviously my answer was no. he kept trying to have sex with me but I kept strong and stopped myself. wanted to keep my self respect. he said he'd always love me again and when he tried to have sex I said 'no were just friends!' and he was like 'well we're a little more than that!' and I was like 'well were not in a relationship' and then he said nothing. he also told me he just wants me to be happy and I said I wanted him to be happy aswell, and he asked if I was and I said yes and he said I bet its not as happy as I could make you.

he kept telling me that he couldn't stop touching me and that he wanted me and was just in general being lovely. he told his best friend also, and it got to me that he gets the impression that he misses me but doesn't want to admit it. why is he scared of his feelings? we still have such an amazing chemistry. I'd hate to lose it. but what is he trying to tell me by all these signs? is there a chance ill get him back?


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  • I'm not 100% sure but I think you should just play hard to get until he offer you a relationship because so far I think he's trying to sleep with you. If he ask if you are seeing/sleeping with anyone, just nonchalantly shrug. That will keep him nervous. If he's serious about you then he would scared of losing you. Don't let him know you still crazy about him. Play cool, act like you can do just fine without him. I do the same with my ex. When he knew I still want him back, he was so egoistic and was toying with my heart. So now I just ignore him and he seem to respect me more and treat me better like he's afraid I might get angry at him. I'm still trying to get him back but I want him to do the chasing if you know what I mean. ;) Let see how well my mind game work.

    • yeah, I do want my ex to do the chasing. not in a malicious way, but well because he ended it with me so you know? :) we've always been sexually attracted to each other, but I don't think its JUST that he wants, I think he's just so used to having that in his routine. I mean if he can't have sex with me, I can't see him having sex with anyone else whilst we both have feelings! god, boys are an effort sometimes, hahaha! how long have you been trying to get your ex back?

    • Well we've been broken up since March. I tried to get him back the first 2months. Now I just sort of ignore him but he always try to get my attention and talk to me sweetly. I don't think he knows I still like him because I don't show it. My ex is a bit complicated cos he's shy and quiet. He doesn't talk much with anybody and doesn't go out. It would take him a lot of courage to ask me out again. Took him more than 1year to ask me out in the first place.

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