How to be friends with an ex?

so it's been a year since I broke up with my ex boyfriend and just recently he said hi to me and he stares at me sometimes when he passes by..i usually giggle with my friends when he does or when he leaves I'll say something mean like omg why the f**** is he always staring? but I realized that I need closure and to be civil with him cause he said hi to me, and I feel the need to want to talk to him and be nice,but I wanna say hi to him when he passes like he did to me that once, do you think I should,and do you think that maybe saying hi could tell him something? Please help me? :S

Do you think he'll say hi back? I don't wanna look stupid :S


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  • Possibly him saying hi is him trying to open a friendship. Healthy realtionship. He might be staring because he still has feelings for you. Try saying hi. I think he will say hi back. you won't look stupid. Just being friendly lol


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  • TALK TO HIM! You don't have to talk about what happened, just talk like you used to.

    How ya doin?

    What's new?

    How's the family?

    It's really not that hard. He is still a person, exactly the same as everyone else around you


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