Tell ex to let me go or dump new gf?

how would you tell an ex boyfriend in the nicest possible way 'either dump your new girlfriend, or let me move on and stop giving me false hope'...?!


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  • Just tell him this...

    We had great times together, we really did! But those were just times, now times have changed. We're two different from each other than we were then. I know upon hearing that, now you really want to try to change, and I respect that. I see you either directly or indirectly want me to notice your life but if you want me back, you have to have NO back-up. That means drop [new girlfriend's name] and move on back to me. If you don't want me that much anymore, than please, let me go. You will be free, too. I know it. You were good to me before, so you can be god to [new girlfriend's name] or anyone else. We just, have to settle down now, no more rides, no more adventures. Now is the time to choose your "Happily Ever After" and you have your pick of me, [new girlfriend's name] or someone to spend it with. But if it is NOT me, then PLEASE LET ME HAVE MY OWN ENDING. Let me go off to find my "Happily Ever After"

    Then tell him it's okay to be sad when people have to say goodbye. That about covers it, I guess.

    • that was perfect, thank you!

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