Is ex-girlfriend trying to put up a front?

I had originally mentioned my ex in another question a while back, that we were together for a while (had been friends too), but that her mother never approved of us because of a 10-year age difference. That was what ended up causing her to break up with me two weeks ago: she felt like her mother would never allow us to be together (after her mother got involved in something regarding our relationship, and things just kind of fell apart after that - the relationship itself was fine, but her mother seemed to have a heavy hand in everything)..

Anyway, she ended up calling me a few days later, telling me how she'd screwed things up, how she still cared...nothing happened then, but we continued to text throughout the week after the breakup (just casual stuff). This week, however, has been lacking in contact, though we've continued to do small comments and "like" things on each others' FB pages.

Last night, I finally texted her and asked if we were still talking, that I thought we were based on last week, but I was confused and not sure what she wanted. She replied that she felt it was best to take a break. I replied, "Okay, but for what purpose? I guess I'm wondering what we're trying to have." She said that she didn't know, but that it was probably best to leave it alone. I told her that I missed her, thought she had felt the same, but wondered if I misread something. She said that we can't be together and that it would be bad for her and me. There were a few other things said (nothing important), but things were pretty much left at that. This morning, she posted a pic on her FB with the caption "happy." It was just a pic of her in the car in front of her mom's work. I decided to just comment that she looked amazing (she "liked" it ten minutes later).

Let me say that I've never had the chance to say my piece with her, that it was basically her talking to me, first during the breakup and then when she called me a few days after, but I've never been able to say how I felt about it, and that's one thing that kills me. I also feel like she's trying to put up a front with me because she doesn't feel like our relationship would ever be approved of by her mom, that there's really no chance for it to work (I don't know if that's true or just her perception, though, because my contact with her mom was limited, and her mom and I never really got the chance to get to know each other).

I'm just confused by her behavior; maybe she's confused too. One moment she seems to want to work things out; the next, nothing. Thoughts?


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  • ahhhh...she's teasing you she don't want things to work out she's confused. like you say

  • Honestly, a ten year difference would not be fun. If her mom doesn't like the raltionship, she might have tried to torture you if you hadn't of broken up sooner. Tell her how you felt about the break-up, then ask her if you can just be friends . . . really good friends.


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