Tried something new and it went to sh*t. Should I let him go?

Back in July, I met a boy 2 years younger than me. He was interested and wanted my number but I found him a bit irritating lol. I kept talking to him and ended up giving him my number towards the middle of August and we started hanging out. Once we started seeing each other, I found that I was actually interested in him. He would always text me the cutest things and drive 30 min just to come see me. He would come by at 7, when he got off work, and leave at 3 in the morning until I felt comfortable with him staying the night. Then, we got together in the middle of September and he continued to stay over and take me on little dates and send me cute messages and call me. Our second week of being together he told me that he wanted to live with me lol and that kinda threw me off. I told him that it wouldn't be the best thing since our relationship was still new and he told me that he understood and that he wanted to make sure he was financially stable before he tried to live with me. He works full time and I go to school and he would always tell me that I was his motivation. He always made sure I went to class and got pissed off when I didn't and we would constantly play fight with each other. Towards the end, he stopped texting me as much and the last time he came over, he hid his phone from me. He broke up with me over text saying "I can't do this anymore...I'm sorry." I was hurt lol so I deleted him from everything and his number. He saw that I deleted him from Facebook and blocked I was wondering what you guys thought of the situation. Will he come back or is it a done deal?
Just a little update,

His sister, whom I've never met, sent me an IM on Facebook out of nowhere and told me that she wanted to meet me before he and I called it off. I told her I wanted to meet her too, but things happen. She wrote back and said that we should pursue a friendship and that she didn't know what her brother was thinking. I told her that someone else caught his attention and that we could get together sometime and she signed off right after I said that. I don't understand...


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  • Man, did you date my ex? It sure sounds like it. Seriously, same time of year a few years ago, same progression, same issues from him, same MO, and everything. Is he a Libra too? :p

    This is why I've been turned off to dating/getting involved with younger guys. They have no idea wtf they want. In your case, he's 18, so he REALLY has no idea what he wants. He thinks he does, but really doesn't have one clue.

    He handled the situation very immaturely (as did my ex). Let him go do his little immature thing and you worry about yourself. I took the same approach with my ex. I tried to be nice (I didn't go on a deletion rampage though), and he continued to ignore. I backed off and it was all on him from then on out, as far as I was concerned. It's been over a year and a half since I've heard from him so that 'splains that.

    In your case, don't hold your breath or even fret about it. The whole thing is full of wtfery and WHY would you want to go back to that?

    • Haha no, he's a cancer. Wtfery lmao I definitely need to use that sometime. But you're so right. I'm probably still on it cause it just happened.

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    • It doesn't say she's 20 anywhere, but whatever.

    • Actually it does in her profile, dingbat. No need to cop an attitude for your lack of insight.

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  • Yeah I'm sorry, he's not coming back. Sounds like it was fun, hopefully you didn't really love him, because this does sound rather painful. I don't think you even -want- him back. I hope you're OK though.


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  • let me say sorry if this is a guys question because I am female lol. But it sounds like he is gone babe. And if he wasn't then you should just leave him because he sounds like he was cheating in the first place. And you should always go with your instinccts because I am sure that they wouldn't lie to you anymore than anyone else would

  • Done deal hun. :/

    Honestly, you deserve better than some teenage boy cheating on you.

    AND breaking up with you without any justification (cause frankly "I can't do this anymore" isn't exactly justifying).

  • Just consider it meddling and be done with it. It sounds like you're trying to read into something that his sister did just for the sake of getting some sort of connection with him. How old is the sister?

    • She's 22.

    • I wouldn't read anything into it. You're sounding far too hopeful for anything to string you along. Let it go for the time being. You need to go do you.

  • This is really bizarre behavior. I've heard of guys suddenly breaking up, but jeez.

    I guess just forget about him. I'd bet he comes back sooner or later.

  • what couldn't he do anymore? awwww I be he was cheating why would he hide his phone from you he was feeling guilty about the situation.


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