Will my ex call me again?

We were together for quite a while, and we were each others' first loves. Our break up wasn't bad. The break up was five months ago, and he called about a month ago, but I didn't answer or return the call because I was hurt. Will he call again?


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  • Why don't you call him now, what's wrong with that?

    • He broke up with me.

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    • Well I did call her but she didn't answer so I stopped calling her, after a while I thought she didn't want to speak to me. Eventually she called me, but I initially I was uncomfortable calling her after she didn't pick up when we first broke up. Right now he probably feel's like I felt. Remember this, he wouldn't have called you if he didn't love you. If you wanna talk soon you might have to call him or it could be a while before he call's you again.

    • Your point of view is helpful. I wish we weren't anon because I want to be friends on here. lol. How long did you guys go without talking?

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  • believe me, if he truly loved u, he WILL call again.. love doesn't fade that easily unless you did something really messed up.. my boyfriend broke you with me a while ago and he didn't call for 2 months.. when he finally did. I didn't answer at all either. he kept calling and I let him know I didn't want anything to do with him cus I was hurting still aswell. well he gave me some time to "cool off". and after some time passed he called again..and he's been up my ass ever since!. so there's still hope for u.. true love never fails girl.

    • Hey girl, so are you guys back together now? I have a situation that I would like to share, maybe you can help me out and give me some advice :)

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    • U'll be on his mind for sure. I'll tell you that much :)

    • A few months and let me tell you it was horrible being without her and always thought about her even when I was ou there doing my thing. When I saw her I realized I'd made a mistake and was happy for her not holding it against me. People don't realize what they have until it's gone, sometimes. Keep it touch with him, he's definitly thinking about you! Sure we can be friends, I'm afrohombre1.

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