I'm confused, is he getting his feelings mixed up? ... Why would your ex give you their number?

... Well my ex and I broke up in may a week or two before our one year anniversary. Months later we hung out, talked was drinking; then he tells me that he still wants to be with me, I was just to quite.

Ok there's that part that I thought I wouldn't have to experience, " the guy saying something stupid" moment. Which caused me to react different. I would have responded with how I felt be instead I decided to let it go before I get pissed.

Months go by, I go to sleep thinking of everything and anything that don't include him nor do they remind me of him either. But somehow someway, the last 15 min happens to be him and I together. I decide fine maybe if I tell him, I'll stop having these dreams.

well it took me a while before I sent it. But when I did I got no respond. I wasn't look toward getting one but considering him I thought I would. However, the dreams had stopped, so I thought my plans had worked. But no they haven't, they started to make me irritable and very, very miserable.

Sometimes I try not to think of what we had or how it effected me in a way I will always remember. The dreams continues I'm mad, one day I contacted him on Facebook to tell him who he reminded me of, the guys name id Oded Fehr, he's an actor. How ever he said someone told him that once before. Then he ask how I been and what I've been doing ... however I had to keep that conversation short, I don't be on Facebook like that and he called me a thief so why would you what to try to hold a conversation anyways.

i told him if he wanted to finish the conversation to contact me on this number I don't have your number anymore. However I never asked him for his. But he inboxed it to me, and it's just sitting there.

Then I find out that he's suppose to have a girlfriend, why would you give me, your ex, you cell number? You know I don't want to be friends with you plus I'm never nice to you when I do talk to you? I'm confused, is he getting is feeling mixed up?


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  • He wants to get back with you

    • Why? The decision to brake up wasn't mines, it was his. I suggested open relationship then braking up but however he won.

      He couldn't just accept the open relationship?

    • He realized he messed up something good and wants it back

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