How to get her back?

Hi me and this girl were together for 1 week we never went out, because she was grounded, but we both had major crushes on each other so we got together. Well she broke up with me 1 week ago, because she felt like a was neglecting her and didn't really like/care about her. The thing is I knew that I was doing that, but the reason is I was really nervous and my past relationship ended with a bad case of broken heart. So I decided not to get too attach with this girl so if we broke up I wouldn't be too heart broken. The thing is it didn't work and I'm confused about what I should do to maybe win her back.


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  • you sound young and only 1 week? that might be lust and not love. If it is love start out by getting to know her through letters through Facebook or something then start by phone calls or other things like that. I think once you get to know her and know all the little things about her that makes her her, you can decide for yourself if you are able to take it all in and accept her for who she is. Some times getting to know a person for who they truly are takes a lot of time, not just 1 week. That's all I'm saying. also if she really liked you then you two should still be good friends and there might still be a time for you two to get to know each other more and become more.


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