How to feel normal after a break-up? Now that the tables are turned what do I do?

I'm so used to my friends coming to me for advise and asking me what they should do when things go south. Now the tables are turned. I'm totally numb to everything and I feel as if I'm kind of lost. I was dumped out of no where by my boyfriend of many years. I know people will say there is no such thing as out of no where but I just didn't see any signs. Now I'm not really sure how to get over it or how I should react. I mean I know I still love him and I don't think that it's really sunk in that he's gone yet. I'm not sure how to quickly get over this. Mind you I do know it will not be easy to get over because of everything I've invested into this. I feel like I'm ranting now... If I could just have someone give me some ideas on how to feel normal again, to get over him, and to just generally be happy that would be wonderful. Thank you.


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  • Find yurself a new guy, even just a friend guy, someone who enjoys your company. Let's get real, how 'many years' could it have been when you're not yet 25...And yes, there wereprobably signs you missed, but don't get obsessive over that. Just ask him instead! That should claer your mind.

    Of course something traumatic may have happened to him and there weren't signs..


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