Have you ever broken up with someone and then asked them back?

Have you ever broken up with someone and then asked them back? How long did it take you to realize what you had done? If you went through a period of no contact, how long did that last?


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  • Nope, once I am done I have burned that bridge. Now if she breaks up with me, I might take her back but I have my doubts about it working out.

    • Here's the thing about my ex, he thinks a lot like you do. He never communicated with past exes after they were gone because he didn't want to be around them anymore, but he tried to keep me around. We did the friend thing for months, but I found it too painful when the lines blurred, so I stopped accepting his calls/texts. I'm the only person he ever said he loved. Any insight?

    • He will always love you even years later. Perhaps he still isn't over you and a clean break is good. Hang out together after 6 months of no contact and become good friends. The best indication as to what he feels about you is how he introduces you to others. This is my ex... or this is my friend... this is the one that got away...

      That will give you the best indication as to his true feelings. I didn't talk to an ex for years and then she found me again. Long story but she confides in me now.

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  • yeah when I was like 14 or 15 I dumped my boyfriend after like 6 months. A week later I was like...oops I sorry. After awhile that he dumped me. rofl karma is a bitch eh?


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