Why did he leave me? He left me for my best friend...

So I liked this guy a lot.

He never really initiated, but he never said no either.

Every time I ask him to do something with me he'll say yes, and we'll have a good time.

He'll text me here and there and always respond to my texts.

We'd see each other everyday, talk to each other everyday.

He'd touch my hair and tell me that I have pretty hair, and just be very sweet.

And then I found out that all along my best friend that knew about how I felt about him... was going around behind my back making moves on him... And at a certain point... he stopped texting me but would still repsond. And I felt something was weird... And me and my friend had other issues between us so we had a slight fall out... and later I found out that they were living together...

Did he even like me? ...

Why did he leave me.

We didn't kiss or anything. He knows that I'm saving myself for marriage (in terms of sex) ... I wondered if that was the reason...


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  • Strongly suspect this girl used sex to get him away from you. That's going to happen...If he's shallow, you shouldn't regret his being gone that much, and now you know better about your 'best friend.'

  • Since you two never officially dated, he didn't leave you. He may have liked you a little bit, but not enough for it to become a relationship. If he were really interested in you, he would have asked you out, and he would have kissed you. Having said that, it was a really low blow for your best friend to do what she did; I'm not surprised you had a falling out with her.


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