Right person wrong time ?

say you and your ex have amazing chemistry...are completely in love with each other...but have both done things to hurt each other since the break up...and you realize it's too late to make it work. he's lied to me a lot and done a hell of a lot of things to hurt me (with a girl)...how do you walk away from someone so perfect? when it just feels like the person was right but the time was wrong?


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  • You have to do just that! You have to realize that the time for you and him to work has passed, and to make your first steps past getting over him. It's gonna be hard, especially since he was what you wanted, but the longer you cling to the memories with him, the longer you will remain sad. Your life is about you! Do you really need someone who has purposely hurt you, despite how well you've treated him? I know you will miss him, but there are plenty of good men that would never dream to hurt their love, so give someone else a try! Be picky if you want, go wild if you choose! It's all down to what you want , because you are in charge of yourself! You have a whole lifetime ahead of you, and admitting defeat this early is pointless! I'd understand this question more if you were in your late thirties or somewhere like that! But you are still young! I'm pretty sure you already had guys admiring you on the sidelines, so try to give one of them a chance!


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