Is he interested in getting back together?

So.. my boyfriend dumped me on Wednesday. He said things moved really fast and it scared him. (No I did not say I love you or anything, we were practically living together.)

I told him I agreed this was the best thing, we did move really fast and probably should end it now before we get hurt. I told him I cared about him and was falling for him, so if we stayed longer it would have been worse. He said this didn't mean he didn't like me, and that he does like me and care a lot.

On my way home from his place after getting my things on Friday, I broke down crying over something else. He came and found me and got in my car and held me while I cried for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Anyways, today he was at a driving range and we were texting and I was teasing him about his golf. I said that I could kick his butt at puttputt and he said prove it and I said "Well, I am recently single and my schedule is fairly open c;" and we teased back and forth. So, now we are going puttputting together on Wednesday.

So, what is going on in his head? Can SOMEBODY help me out here?

Also. After he held me while I cried, I went on a date. My ex knows this.


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  • I think he still like you but is not ready for a relationship yet. I only think that because he would have never dumped you. Trust me if a guy want to be in a relationship he is not letting you go no matter how fast the relationship is going.


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