Why cheat?

ever cheated(sex) on someone you sincerely loved? why?

I mean like you're in a serious relationship and you really love this person so how do you just decided that you wanted a guy/girl on the side? Why would you do this? Did they seduce you and you was weak and gave in? I asked because I notice that in a lot of relationships, either the guy is cheating or the girl is cheating or heck, both are messing around. if I'm in a serious relationship, I couldn't see myself giving another guy what's not his...and I don't expect my guy to let another girl take what's mine lol

So why do you really cheat? Do you get bored? Is it nature or something lol


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  • Cheaters are just like that. They don't need an excuse or a trigger for them to cheat. It's simply in their blood.


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