What to do when you are heartbroken and suddenly your ex contacts you, and suddenly ignores you again?

I have been single for a while.. and datet here and there.. my last partner suddenly needed time.. and wasn't ready for a relationship... got heartbroken.. and have tried to move on.. still he is on my mind 24/7..:(

after many months my ex suddenly contacted me.. after 4 years we met and spooked out.and it felt really good.. things happend .. and a part of me got the good memories back..and some of the bad ones too.. he`s in a distance-relationship.. but somehow it felt right.. Because I needed someone to comfort me.. after 3 days we went out to dinner again.. but this times I suddenly felt something was wrong.. didn't manage to speak about it either.. now its been 2 week..since we met... tried to text him.. but no answer... and last night I couldn't sleep.. so I texted him and wonder if something was wrong..since he suddenly contacted me.. and suddenly ignores me? and that I felt it was wrong see each other like that.. Because he has a girlfriend..and children now.. and if we were suppose to meet for only one thing..both should have the uppertunity to take contact.. not only him.. I don't wanna have an ex to use as a rebound if he dosnt respect what I want..

dont know what to do... all I really want is to be with the boy that I love.. not get used by an ex .. any suggestions? (btw my ex didn't answer)


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  • wait so you haven't talk to him in 4 years and you still like him, that's deep, but yea what's up with the rebound part

    • so I can forget my last partner... nono my ex I haven't feelings for..

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    • yupp :) its better... when its already been many moths.. its maybe better... he can boost his ego for some other girl...not me.. I'm done..

    • add me so we can talk more

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