How long should I wait for him to come around before I move on?

My boyfriend has pushed me away. won't talk to me or anything. He has family issues going on (so he says) but won't let me be there for him. Not responding to anything. So Iv decided to move on. Meaning although we never officially broke up, I'm gonna treat this like a break up because he's giving me no choice. Its honestly out of my hands. id like to be there for him but since he won't let me...well what can I do. And in all honesty...his behavior is making me not want to be with him more and more everyday. I was willing to work things out...but now I'm not so sure. But anyway. My question is...

How long do you think I should give it before I get back out there? Whether it be casual dating or not. Or do you think I should wait around for my ex. Like I said we never officially broke up so I don't know what to do. I just don't want to meet someone else...and then have my ex finally call. So what's a reasonable amount of time to move on?

Im honestly not trying to sound insensitive to his problems. But iv never had this happen before. As his girlfriend he should allow me to be there for him but since he's not. that tells me what he thinks of me. I mean its been almost 2 weeks since iv heard from him...


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  • Move on, it's not worth waiting around for becaue there is no value of your relationship to him. I don't care what I was going through in my life I want my lady there with me. I'll say a couple of weeks would do it, if you haven't heard from him by then move on.


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