He has a girlfriend, but is this considered cheating?

I met this great guy at a Halloween party. We exchanged numbers and he added me on Facebook. Well..I just found out he has a girlfriend and they've been dating for about two months (she lives in another state though) but have known each other for several years. We went on a little road trip but messaged me on Facebook saying he was going to text me when he got back to our state.

So, I was just wondering...Guys, is it normal for guys to do this? Just get a girl's number and start talking to her on Facebook and texting? Girls, would you consider this cheating?

Thanks :p


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  • Guys can have female friends, and they might flirt with them. As long as it doesn't get physically intimate, i.e. kissing, than it's not cheating.

    • Even if I explicitly told him I though he was attractive and interesting? He also said he hoped to see me again. He had a bunch of other female friends at the party and he wasn't NEARLY as flirtatious...

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    • Ooohh no way I could never do that :p

      P.S. I was at a party last Saturday and a mutual friend of ours that hosted the Halloween party told me that he had been talking about me, and also that he said his current girlfriend is a cheater and a drama queen...So how are my chances now? lol Xp

    • You got a pretty good chance especially if you treat him right.

What Girls Said 1

  • It seems harmless so far, but it could lead to cheating emotionally, but I wouldn't worry about it if I were you!


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