Should I just dump this guy?

OK my auntie died like maybe three weeks ago I suppose and yea it still hurts , and by looking back I did not get any support or comfort from the person I love the most which was my boyfriend (it still hurts me up until know that never got his support because what happens if another family member dies is he just gonna act like this?). he texted me saying "if you need anything just ask sorry about your aunt" , "I'm here for you" , "u can talk to me about anything" .. he texted me those words when my aunt died, BUT there is some girl ( who I consider a SL.UT) who is throwing a party and invited my boyfriend (me I'm usually the type of girl that doesn't feel comfortable with me boyfriend hanging out with other girls alone and without me) but anyway there was this party this girl threw and my boyfriend was invited, and I was gonna stay home a grief and cry over my auntie, and I was hoping my boyfriend would SKIP the party and give me his support, but no he didn't he chose to go to her party instead of being with me, so basically what I thought is : he doesn't care about me, or my loss or my pain, he simply just doesn't care, that's what I assume. he basically put the other girls feelings before me, he basically chose to party and be with the girl instead of me, and I'm debating whether I should dump him or not? because what if I need him when times are rough? is he gonna be like this and not care? he basically proved it to me he doesn't care just by choosing to be with the other girl :/ I talked to him about how much it bugged me but his excuse was : "i didn't know you were hurt" I clearly was hurt that my auntie died! I cried so much and he even texted me that he was gonna be there for me! but when the party came up he chose to go instead of being with me and I can't let that go. he never even apologized to me when he chose to go to the party instead of being with me during my loss and grief.. his only excuse was :"i didn't know you were hurt" when he clearly knew I was hurt over my auntie, he was the one who texted me saying he will be there for me, but he chose to be with that girl at the party instead of me, and its been stressing me out just by looking back.. is this guy worth it? should I just dump this guy ? knowing he never gave me a shoulder to cry on during the death of my aunt...


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  • I can understand why you're frustrated, but how did you respond to him when he sent you those texts? I feel like you're expecting him to read your mind. Yes, you are upset, but maybe he didn't want to impose by simply dropping by announced in case you needed him. If you wanted him to be with you, you should have clearly asked him, "Hey, are you able to come over?"

    Unless you specifically asked him to be with you the night of the party, it's a little unrealistic to expect him to wait around for your phone call or text to tell him when you need him to be with you. Just my opinion.

    Condolences for your loss, as well.


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