What was your first heartbreak?

It doesn't necessarily have to be your first break-up, but when was the first time you felt you got your heart truly broken? How did you get over it? How long did that take?


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  • When I was 17.

    The guy betrayed me so bad that I felt like he literally took my heart and ripped it out of my chest.

    I was a hysterical mess, but I had enough knowledge and pride to know I deserved better than that.

    I put his number on block and let my heart heal.

    I didn't rush into a relationship, I gave myself time.

    Time is what it took to make me grow stronger.

    Eventually, before I knew it I didn't have an ounce of feeling left towards him.

    I moved on, and started dating other people.

    Sometimes you are better off without some people in your life, even if it may hurt you for the time being. --Is a lesson I picked up in life.

    • Thank you. Thank you for being strong and for sharing.

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  • 2 days ago not sure how I'm gonna get over it sorry guess this wasn't much help

    • It's okay, mine's recent too.

  • grade 7, long story. still haven't gotten over it


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  • When my ex boyfriend told me that he just doesn't have interest for me anymore... When we were together for ages. -______- I never really got over it because still today I love him to death...

    • I'm so sorry

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    • You'll find someone even better who is made for you, eventually!

    • Why thank you : )

  • A couple of years ago ... well...to get over it ... I kept myself busy with work ... and ...I also stopped communicating with my ex ...I removed everything that reminded me of him ...that took me... I guess... a year ...