My ex boyfriend texts me?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about 4 months ago and I've only seen him out twice / 3 times since. During the relationship we got on great and had a fab time together, never an awkward moment, but then he got weird, he cheated on a night out, so we broke up. Anyways, that was in the past and I really like someone else now so it doesn't bother me seeing him, I just go up and say hi, how are you and then I go back to the guy that I'm seeing/ or my friends. it was my birthday a few weeks ago and he sent me a text saying happy birthday and he hopes I'm doing well, just completely out of the blue, I just said thanks back,as it was nice of him to remember. do you think he regrets cheating? I don't understand why he's all awkward in person but then he remembers my birthday and texts me.

I'm over him and I really like the guy Tom that I'm seeing but id love to think that he regrets it, just to feel better about myself ya know? what do you think


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  • Sounds like he's been trying to work through some emotional issues over the course of his life, the cheating on you was a symptom of one, and he's really a decent guy underneath it all and does indeed regret hurting you and still thinks about you. He's nice. :) but leave him be about this, he should continue his self-improvement.

  • I really like someone else now so it doesn't bother me seeing him.. those things just don't work, that's like running from your fears, they won't dissapear until you confront them. If you have ended the first relationship, you can proceed to the next one.. but only if you ended it.

    • Your def right! id like to be able to go up and just talk but as a friend, I would have no prob at all doing that since I have no feelings for him anymore but when I do he's just awkward and I don't want to bring up the past cos I've moved on, I guess I feel I should be angry with him, I've never confronted him about the cheating. but being angry is just stupid when you don't care right? I just want him to regret it, I know he's a good guy deep down so I don't wish bad things on him, I dunno..

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