Halloween Party and his ex got invited!

My boyfriends best friend, Luis, is having a Halloween party and he invited my Boyfriends ex girlfriend Brittany, whom he dated for 4 months.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years. We did take a break about a year into the relationship for issues that we were having…He wasn’t fully ready to commit so I called it off. He began dating right away and he began seeing one of his classmates more frequently, bringing her around his friends and family. We broke up for good January 2011 and he started dating February 2011…. They dated for about 3 months…Him and I met up around June and began dating again…We now live together and our trust and relationship are better than ever. ALL HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY Know we are together exclusively but his friend invited the ex. I’m really upset but don’t want to make a big deal about it to my boyfriend because I don’t want to seem insecure! I don’t want her to go! I know my boyfriend knows about her going and he hasn’t brought it up I know he doesn’t touch the subject out of fear that it might start a fight….I know him and I don’t have control over his friends invite list since he’s friends with her but what should I do? Shouldn’t he have asked us if it was okay? I don’t want to look like a fool. A lot of people don’t know that I know what she looks like. They think that I have no idea who she is. But I know because I saw a picture of them together a couple months back. … So I know if I see her there people will only be looking at how I interact with her thinking I don’t know who she is…I don’t want to even talk to her if I'm introduced to her!


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  • who cares, he's your man now and youve been together 2 years be proud of that! don't ever reveal your insecurity, always be confident and show your boyfriend that he made the right choice by choosing you. just have a good time at the party and pretend you don't even know the ex. be a mature independent woman!

    • I know your right! Dating for that long makes me confident especially since he came back to me! I know I should never show him my true insecurities that's why venting here! Its jsut frustrating ya know!? But I will do my best to keep my composure and seem confident. I know my boyfriend loves me and he will respect me the whole time...i just don't want the awkwardness and people gawking at my every move or reactions!

    • thats the spirit! :) I don't know who downvoted me but theyre obv retarded

    • hahaha I didn't even notice the down vote! what the heck peeps! :)

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  • So why are you thinking about he ex? You don't have to SEEM insecure. You must BE insecure. It was a fling. Who cares if she's going or not? Your boyfriend's friend did not even have to consider how you might feel when inviting people to his party if she's a mutual friend. What's the big deal if this girl does go anyways? Don't want her looking at your boyfriend?

  • Who cares, she's sh*t under the carpet, old news, 4 months vs 2 years... who did better?!?! Why are you asking this question?

    • hahah she's sh*t under the carpet? hahah tooo funny! I gues I'm just tryin to vent! since I don't want to vent to my boyfriend or my friends! I never show insecurity around my friends or family or boyfriend even though I am...I guess I just want to be a brat for like aminute and not have her go!

    • Well chill man, she's old new, you've nothin' to worry about

      ''Shit under the carpet''... a nice English saying for you there, use it well :)

    • hahahah yea I liked it...pretty funny!

  • *drama ensues*. Perhaps you and your boyfriend should just avoid her.

    • I plan on doing so. but I will be really upset if he talks to her for more than just a courteous hello

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