Should I say happy birthday?

about a month ago it crossed my mind that my exes birthday was a month away and I said to myself...that it shouldn't matter I wasn't gonna say anything to him anyway..i stuck with that..about a week ago I said to myself oh look my exes birthdays next week..still deciding that I wasn't going to say anything..after all last time we spoke was summer and he had been ignoring me for about a week or so prior to that out of the back of my head I think I always knew at some point id changed my mind like usual..cause I always told my exes hbd..this 1 never had a birthday since we broke up..but its tomorrow...and up to this morning I still said I wasn't saying squat! I'm slowly questioning myself...should I say something? could i? would he even respond? his friends all hate me..and I do believe that's why he was ignoring me but I'll never know for sure...i mean I do still love him but I don't think I want him fact I've been talking to someone new bordering a relationship...but if I had to choose to get back with an would be him...i Haven't tried to speak to him since August so I feel like if he is even having doubts that I still care that saying anything to him will remove all doubt..but I honestly don't care if it does..but I do know I could be saying this UNTIL I actually do it...will saying this be harmless or harmful? pros & cons please?...why does every guy I date have to have a birthday before me -.-


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  • Do yu have him on fb? xD , if so just say happy Birthday on there.. its nbd :) lol even if yu don't if yu see him in passin or w/e just mention it act like yur not making a HUGE deal out if it .. or w/e its just a hbd :p lol :p


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