Why does my ex treat me like sh*t?!?

So my boyfriend of 7 months broke up with me, and we go to the same school, so it's awkward. We honestly had a really good relationship, he just concluded with the "im scared of commitment" bs. It was really heart breaking, but underneath it all I knew he was a good guy so I didn't mind being friends with him after time healed the situation. But the moment we broke up, he's just been acting really mean towards me:

-Making small side comments

-Showing his guy friends hot girls on Facebook right in my face

-We have mutual friends, so whenever he sees that our friends are paying more attention to me, he will immediately try to put their attention on him, "pull a robbery", if you will

-Flirt with other girls in front of me

-Mocks the way I speak

I don't understand. I'm not the one who broke up with him, and even now, I'm still civil with him. It's been exactly a month since we broke up. I've been doing my own thing and trying to be happy, but he constantly feels the need to make me feel bad whenever he sees me. Why does he do this if I have done nothing wrong?


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  • Cause he's an ass. Nothing more to it. The more you show it bothers you the more he's going to do it.

    • I don't show that it bothers me. I usually ignore it.

      But the thing is, he wasn't always this way. He really used to be sweet to everyone around him. He had the rep for being "the guy everyone knows and loves" now he's not just stepping on my toes, but he even makes his friends feel uncomfortable...in short, he thinks he's hot sh*t. It doesn't make sense that he would make his friends suffer. Why did he change?

    • Too hard for me to say why he changed since I don't know him and don't see him on a daily basis. But that's life, people change all the time.

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