What to do to get him back?

What to do to get him back? And does he already want me back? (kinda long, PLEASE HELP)

Okay, the whole story.

So.. my boyfriend dumped me on Wednesday. He said things moved really fast and it scared him. (No I did not say I love you or anything, we were practically living together.)

I told him I agreed this was the best thing, we did move really fast and probably should end it now before we get hurt. I told him I cared about him and was falling for him, so if we stayed longer it would have been worse. He said this didn't mean he didn't like me, and that he does like me and care a lot.

On my way home from his place after getting my things on Friday, I broke down crying over something else. He came and found me and got in my car and held me while I cried for about an hour and fifteen minutes. I had a date later that night and when he texted asking what was up, I said "can't text, I'm out".

The next morning he asked how my night was and I said "Well, I threw up on my date" and he said, "You were on a date? I thought you were with friends." He was at a driving range at the time and we were texting and I was teasing him about his golf. I said that I could kick his butt at putt putt and he said prove it and I said "Well, I am recently single and my schedule is fairly open c;" and we teased back and forth. And we planned to go puttputting Wednesday.

My friends told me he may just be trying to get in my pants, and that I sound cancel the Wednesday date. I texted him this morning at 9am saying "Hey about Wednesday, I don't think it's gonna happen. I don't know what is going on with me and you, since we have been kinda flirty and crap and I don't think going putt putting is going to help with our situation so I am just gonna do something else instead, cause you don't wanna have a commitment with me so I don't see the point in trying. "

When we were together he would have replied at his lunch (12) or any time after, especially at 5:30 when he gets off. Instead he FINALLY replied at 7:45 with "Ummm alright?" My friend said if he was short with me like that, then he was trying to seem fine, but really it was eating him up inside

I want to be with him, but I don't know what is going on. Should I respond to his "Ummm alright?" If so, what do I say?

So, what is going on in his head? Can SOMEBODY help me out here?


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  • Put him on the spot and come right out and ask him if his plans are to use you for sex. And if you think he is don't let him. He needs to be honest with you.

  • I think you hurt em babe, I think he was looking forward to Wednesday and you both would have had a great time. But, if you want a commitment and he doesn't then you are right, "whats the poin"t. I think your friends advice wasn' the best because maybe just spending time with you Wednesday maybe would made him revisit his decision of not commiting to you. I bet him hearing you say you are going out on a date really bothered him and him asking you out maybe was his way of fighting for you!


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