How to start a relationship?

So this girl and I have known each other for 3 months now, and I want to show her that we should have a serious relationship. But its complicated.

We met working the same job with each other, and when I had to leave the job we starting talking texting and hanging out constantly. We moved really fast and about 3 weeks in, on our third date, we made out and I asked her to be my girlfriend.

After a few days, realizing she had to go away to college in a month, and that I was going to be a senior in high school, she said we shouldn't go on with a relationship because it would just end up hurting us both in the end when she had to leave. But she is going to college less than 2 hours away from me.

Fast forward to now, two months from then. We still text but not as often, and we still like each other a lot and show interest. The thing is, I've applied to the college she goes to and I have a very good chance of getting in. So now I'm thinking about trying to start a relationship because now it can last for years if it all works out. We get along really well and are really good friends.

The main problem is that I'm not sure how to talk to her about it and convince her. I have really strong feelings for her and I would do anything for her, I really want to make it work and make her happy. I would really appreciate some help.


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  • Please please please tell me you're going to this college because you want an education from there, NOT because you're chasing this girl...

    • Obviously... I'm not that stupid haha

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