Comforting a girl who was dumped?

So there's a girl I want to date, and her boyfriend just broke up with her. I want her, but I also want her to be happy. She knows I want to date her, she's known this for a bit of time. Basically, it kills me to see her sad like this, part of me just wants to help her, but I don't want to do it so selflessly that she takes me for granted either. I know I can't press the issue right now, and I don't want to push her. I just want us to be together, with her happy being with me. Any advice?


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  • Ever seen a chick flick? You can never be too selfless. Only too distant. Be there for her, be patient, and be WITH her. take her chinese food when she's upset and send her semi-anonymous ice-cream to comfort eat. make her balloons with her ex's face on them and a pin. You get the idea. Be the best friend in the chick flicks that the girl ends up falling in love with. Plus, if you are that close to her, giving and recieving advice, comforting, etc., then you will know the right time to step in. There will be a short window of time between getting over her ex and looking for a new guy, which is right where you want to put yourself with her the most often. Doing "friend" things. (mini-date type things.) like bowling/arcade or getting coffee/ice cream. Hope this helped...


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  • Since she just got out of a relationship, be there for her but keep your distance at the same time. I am sure the last thing she wants to do is rush back into another relationship. This may take some time, but you must allow her heart to heal. You can always comfort her by being a listening ear and being her reassurance.

    • I get that, but what how can I get her interested in me before another guy steps in? I don't want to miss my chance again.

    • A) Express your feelings towards her (so at least she knows you feel that way) You can say something like "I know you're going through a hard time right now and probably don't want to hear this but I really really like you." B) Girls love guys that listen - Hear her emotions out and support her decisions C) Be thoughtful - Do sweet little things such as texting her sweet dreams.

  • How long did she date the guy?


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