Meeting up with my ex?

I dated this girl for over 2 years. We broke up about mid July. I owe her money and I plan on paying her back.I've now started talking to her after 4 months to discuss this issue. The only thing that is bad is that she wants to meet up in person to do this. Is there anything I should know know.why does she want to meet up when I can just mail her a check?


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  • i'm a girl, and I think she still wants you. honestly. because why do the trouble of scheduling a day? we live in a busy world and it's just not the thing you'd do for a nobody. not really wants you back, but maybe wants a closure, friendship, or wants to restart the whole affair.

    P.S. I'm in a situation like yours, please answer my question its under breakup. please its kinda long but I desperately need help from a guy's point of view pls.

    its title is "i think we still love each other" under the category breakup

    . -julietcapulet

    please please thanks


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  • Meet her and pay up your due to get over with. What do you think is the best approach to meet her to make that payment ?


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