Does my ex boyfriend want me back?

My ex broke up with me a month ago.I found out a week ago that he's been having this fubu for several months already. I actually think they're together now but my ex would deny it. Yesterday, he called like 3 times. He said he's having a good time talking to me but I told him I had to go on his third call. So what does his actions mean?He would also text me out of the blue asking how I am.I'm confused. Is he trying to do something here?
I'm not sure about what he feels for the other girl. What I'm sure is that while we we're together, in a long distance relationship, they kept seeing each other, have nights out, and check in some motels. That time, the girl also had a boyfriend, also an LDR, but now they've broken up so I guess she and my guy are together. The girl is very vocal about this but my ex denies it. I'm not sure about my ex's intentions to me, too, since his calls weren't that frequent.


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  • I think he might have you as a 'safe' option...a plan B?

    If he is with someone else then there is no really need to call you three times a day unless he wants to get back with you, right? Are you sure he is with the other girl? Is he trying to get back with you?

    • I don't know. He left me over a girl who doesn't have a job but can satisfy him physically. I just don't know if I should expect that he'll come back or just run away...

  • He may wanta threesome..but not all three at once! Or he's broken up with the other girl. Clearly, yes, he wants to restart something with you. I don't see anything to be confused about as fara s that goes.

    • Ok, thanks!But, his calls weren't that frequent. What do you think?Is he just spying over me, to know if I'm still madly inlove with him?

    • Sure, some guys have ego involvement and hope you won't see anyone new, at least not for a long's possible he's just curious about that.

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