She still wants me in her life?

Me and my girlfriend just broke up Because she's having some health issues and she said she didn't want the extra stress of a relationship and wanted to be single for a while. Then the next she texted me saying she still wants me in her life and I'm still her "guy" so should I text her to see how she's feeling or should I hold off


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  • It sounds like to me, she wants to have her cake and eat it too.

    She wants the single life, but your still her 'guy'? Sounds like, the 'just in case I get lonely, I want you to be there' line.

    I could be wrong.

    BUT, I wouldn't respond to her text. I know how much you probably liked hearing that,

    but if you do not want to become her doormat, then do not give her reason to believe that you are fine with being her 'guy'. Just ignore the text. And, if she askes you why you ignored her, tell her that you don't believe in those kind of relationships. Either boyfriend and girlfriend or just friends. However, I don't think you can be friends if there are still feelings involved.

    Best wishes and sorry for being so forward.


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  • I would ask her (text) to clarify what she means, or tell her to ring you. She can't mess you around. Tell her how much she has hurt you, that you won't let her do this again. She may well be stressed, but she is doing more than cause you stress too, she is hurting you.

  • you should definitely text her if you care about her!

    • Ok because I do care about her and either way I feel bad for her because she has some serious stuff going with her health I just don't get y if she wants me in her life y break up

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  • Text her to see how she is and then hold off for some time..


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