I don't know if he got scared or if I did something wrong

Got back in touch with a guy I went to school with, we are both now in our early-mid 30's. We were dating for a couple months, he took me to meet his family a couple weeks ago and was even telling them some of the stuff we had planned in the future, nothing major just like going to a football game, or him helping me paint. He even told them about my kids. Last Monday I was at his house sitting by the fire with him, and his step dad and step brother. He tried so hard to get me to stay and "camp" with him but since I had to work next day I couldn't so he invited me to camp over the weekend. Everything was great, just like it had been. Two days later, after having not really talked to him since I left his house, I texted him asking if everything was OK because it wasn't like him to not call, he texted me that he didn't think he could give me the attention I deserved and that he'd call so we could talk about it and that was the last I have heard. Everyone who saw us together seems to think he freaked and got scared. All I know is that I am really confused and hurt.


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  • Yes it seems like he had a change of heart about being with you. I can't write to you and tell you the exact reason for his actions, no matter what they are I think you shoud move on.


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